"Misha is one of the premier pianists in modern jazz today. His impeccable technique and harmonic knowledge, in my opinion, ranks Misha alongside standout modernists such as Mulgrew Miller, Brad Mehldau, and Bill Charlap. Misha also has rhythmic intensity and drive reminiscent of McCoy Tyner. He is also a great "comper" (accompanist). No doubt, the music world will soon hear a lot of Misha Tsiganov." 
Joe Chambers, 2007
"Tsiganov is a well-balanced, lyrical pianist... He writes strong tunes... sophisticated, confident musicianship... 
like the best jazz recordings, its validity grows on you and the music gets into your mind." 
Thomas Conrad / JazzTimes, February 2008 issue 

"... one of the best releases of 2007 (Always Going West), ace pianist Tsiganov reveals more of his compositional genius...
a mastery of the intricacies of post-bebop piano..."
John Stevenson / ejazznews, May 2007

"Tsiganov drives his band into the fast lane amid a string of rapidly-flowing and vivacious bop workouts, while sustaining a group-centric vibe throughout... demonstrates great sensitivity due to his moments of restraint and penchant for executing dynamics when it counts... crafty arrangements and impressive technique sparks a prismatic musical vista... 
No doubt, Tsiganov is one to watch." (about album "Always Going West")
Glenn Astarita / allaboutjazz, May 2007

"... Tsiganov picks up the musical baton and raises the bar even higher with his dazzling bebop style." (about album "Always Going West")
Michael P. Gladstone / allaboutjazz, May 2007

"Tsiganov’s latest advance is “Always Going West,” a forward-looking session combining bop and latin influences with tasteful execution... He drives the piece with his flashy keyboard technique... plays with admirable restraint and subtlety... wonderful keyboard exploration..."
Tom Ineck / Berman Music Foundation, 2007

"... this album displays straight-ahead, bebop, and post-bop, with a smattering of Latin stylings... music is very upbeat, lively, and charged throughout... Tsiganov proves he is a seasoned and skilled composer and pianist... he achieves a solid, sophisticated, well-structured musical vision... he is surely a musician we will be hearing a lot more of in the future." (about album "Always Going West")
Veronica Timpanelli / JazzReview, 2007 

"Misha Tsiganov displays dexterity and beauty... making the piano keys dance and sing."
Dee Dee McNeil / Cadence Magazine, 2007

"... presents him (Misha) not only as an outstanding composer, but also as an sophisticated and skilled arranger... clear and comprehensible style, beautiful sound, without loosing any musical idea... album was constructed very logically, musical texture is rich and polished..."
Cyril Moshkow / Jazz.Ru Magazine, 2007
"... best from the East...
The writing by Tsiganov is flexing, creative, responsive to the inner clock..."
jazzweek.com, 2007

"...Tsiganov leads a quintet through a set of originals that sit solidly in the mainstream vernacular with touches of Latin percussion around the edges. There is plenty of refined craftsmanship on display and the musicianship is faultless." 
Michael Rosenstein / Cadence Magazine, 2007

"Tsiganov stands out as a strong soloist, exerting his massive chops and keen musicality at every turn. He works as a supportive player as well, helping shape each song’s presentation with an array of piano and keyboard sounds." 
Rene Santos / Latin Jazz Corner, 2008

"...pianist Misha Tsiganov builds a well-constructed solo... plays an energetic improvisation, full of melodic invention... carefully develops his ideas, cleverly growing his initial thought into an engaging solo..." 
Chip Boaz / Latin Jazz Corner, August 2008

"Tsiganov brings quite a bit to the table amid sustainable compositions, snappy arrangements and imaginative excursions that strikingly merge old values with upbeat modernism. He's most assuredly one to watch." (about album "Dedication")
Glenn Astarita / Allaboutjazz, February 2012

"Misha Tsiganov is a brilliant musician and composer who has keen harmonic sensibilities and drive. His rhythmic, joyful approach is exciting to hear and watch, yet it is soft and smooth; reminiscent of John Hicks and George Cables. Misha’s time has come.” 
Norman Hedman, 2007

"Tsiganov, whose classical background provides him with chops to spare, gets deep inside the charts’ form, adding rich textures and dazzling flourishes... amazing control and creativity... dazzling technique that never overshadows the narrative arc."  (about album "The Artistry Of The Standard")
Tom Greenland / The New York City Jazz Record, March 2014

"Tsiganov pulls history in his direction, altering the shape and scope of these pieces without abandoning what made each one so special in the first place. A song, be it a standard or any other type, is simply source material, and it's up to the musicians to do with them as they please. That's where artistry comes into play when addressing the standards, and Tsiganov truly gets that."  (about album "The Artistry Of The Standard")
Dan Bilawsky / Allaboutjazz, February 2014

"Tsiganov plays with a driving fire, reminiscent of Herbie Hancock... exciting and fresh arrangements bring a new perspective to these classic jazz standards... firm grasp of the modern cutting-edge." (about album "The Artistry Of The Standard")
Andrew Luhn / Allaboutjazz, March 2014

"Misha Tsiganov has a serious set of chops… His swinging, soulful arrangements are superb… one of the best albums of the year (The Artistry Of The Standard)… He is making his mark on the American jazz scene…" 
Larry Reni Thomas / Jazz Corner, March 2014

"Tsiganov's superb arrangements making much of the tunes sound like new… Jazz pianist Misha Tsiganov long ago cemented his place in the jazz world and certainly deserves recognition as one of the most celebrated jazz pianist of our time as the music of
The Artistry Of The Standard truly attests."
Edward Blanco, / Allaboutjazz, March 2014

"Tsiganov is a passionate player, highly rhythmic and direct. His debut CD (The Artistry Of The Standard) is most impressive indeed."
George Fendel / Jazz Society Of Oregon, May 2014

"Tsiganov has the kind of hard-edged piano style that speaks of his Hancockian inclinations, dynamic, probing and certainly capable of building momentum."
Peter Vacher / Jazzwise magazine, June 2014

"The Artistry of the Standard is an impressive album, and just think about all the standards out there waiting to be touched with the Tsiganov artistry."
Jack Goodstein / Blogcritics, July 2014

"Misha Tsiganov has extravagant chops. His technical facility does not define him, but empowers him to impose the present on the past (about "The Artistry Of The Standard")... creative methodology... postmodern harmonies... he respects the composer's classic versions of these tunes... Tsiganov flows into uncharted waters... qualities not often encountered together: tension and rapture..."
Thomas Conrad / Stereophile magazine, July 2014

"In addition to his outstanding and hard-swinging playing, Tsiganov demonstrates a fertile arranging imagination… With such fresh approaches to familiar music, this is a really outstanding album ("The Artistry Of The Standard") by a superb band demonstrating enviable technique, creativity and finesse."
Eric Ford / LondonJazzNews,  July 2014

"Tsiganov's crystal clear articulation and relaxed sense of swing highlight his succeeding statement... reverently touching work."
Scott Albin / JazzTimes, September 2014

"Tsiganov is a gifted pianist and plays both fast and slow tempo pieces with gracefulness and sure-footedness. He can make the most complex Brasilian figures sound so simple and beautiful…" 
Raul da Gama / Latin Jazz Network, October 2014

"It is a powerful portrait of modern, not museum-nostalgic, striving into the future New York jazz mainstream."
(about album "Spring Feelings")
Cyrill Moshkow / Jazz.Ru, March 2016

"…pianist extraordinaire Misha Tsiganov… presenting a superb selection of five outrages originals and four reimagined standards... another marvelous foray on the keys…" (about album "Spring Feelings")
Edward Blanco / Allaboutjazz, March 2016

"…Tsiganov explores a new approach to quintet orchestration… really remarkable music… From conception to execution, this music succeeds on all fronts." (about album "Spring Feelings")
Andrew Luhn / Allaboutjazz, March 2016

"…this is highly intelligent work all around… Exploration and treasure, that’s what it’s all about." (about album "Spring Feelings")
Mark S. Tucker / Verita Vampirus, March 2016

"Spring Feelings has plenty of explosive and memorable moments along with consistently inventive playing from Misha Tsiganov and makes for an enjoyable listen".
Scott Yanow / LAJazzScene, May 2016

"...Tsiganov is a special piano player is manifest everywhere on this album (about album "Spring Feelings"). Even in a relatively short solo, he can knock you down. As an arranger he approaches known tunes with a wide-open mind... opens whole new realms of suggestion."
Thomas Conrad / New York City Jazz Record, May 2016

"Each of the songs on this album echoes with the elegance of a musician who is fast becoming recognised as one of the important pianists of his generation" (about album "Spring Feelings"). 
Raul da Gama / JazzdaGama, May 2016

"Very high-quality work in arrangements and compositions" (about album "Spring Feelings").
Takaaki Kondo / Tokyo Jazz Review, May 2016

"Tsiganov has that blend of technique, taste and imagination which makes his albums exciting, surprising and rewarding to listen to."
Eric Ford / London Jazz News, May 2016

"With Spring Feelings, Misha Tsiganov maintains his position as one of the most swinging and resourceful pianists on today’s jazz scene." 
John Stevenson / ejazznews, May 2016

"Tsiganov's playing exhibits great technical facility, lyrical expressiveness, and rhythmic vibrancy" (about album "Spring Feelings").
Scott Albin / Amazon, June 2016